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The only Animal Crossing Bells time that I was annoyed by somebody taking a pic of their switch's display rather than employing the screencap function was when a dude who was clearly trolling kept posting more and more ridiculous shots of his screen, culminating in him submitting a pic of his change's screen in the microwave when somebody pointed out the light in his other pics was awful.

But that has been one instance in all the months I have browsed this sub, and it was something easily dealt with when people learned to recognize that a troll and just downvote his stuff when they watched it. But in my own experience modding on other sites, some people are always going to fall for the troll bait, unfortunately.

I have no problem with new players posting on their first excitements with the sport. It is not like those pop up in the"hot" deadline, and you would only see them if you were seeing"brand new". I agree with Slackerboe that using new customers post these things increase the inclusiveness of the community. It reminds me back when I first started playing and I believe it's wholesome.

Don't care about photographs taken of this console-screen, I believe what the image itself is should matter.

This annoys me. We have all read these lines ourselves from now. Something something, smug villager says nobody could hear him shout out of his basement. It's fun to share if you're the person who achieved cheap Animal Crossing Items the milestone, but it becomes tiresome to see so many"first blue rose" posts.

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