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The RuneScape gold principal reason this could be used for is chatting. One day you meet up with your friend, you sit down and chat. It makes runescape a bit more realistic. I really don't see why this can not be done. And I dont see how it can lead to"massive lagg", But in the event that you still dont encourage, so be it.

This is a rather small upgrade: it will be is a new pest control vessel for people under level 40 who wish to play pc. MSSW/Massive Clan War Arena. The main suggestion of the thread. Heres the notion: A secure, f2p minigame as maintanance to substitute MSSWs (Multi Site Steel Wars). Heres how it will work:

1. From the wild, to the west of bounty hunter, establishes a lobby. From the lobby, you have to place a group resister in, which resembles a massive dining table in the lobby. You'll also select a name, or make it blank to use your name. Other titles of groups will also show. To chalenge a team/teams, check the teams off with the box next to the name. Every participant who's a leader/ overall will find a message simmaller into the clan wars message saying"you have been challenged to a warfare" When you click on it, it is going to show your potential opponents. The ones who accepted will have thier titles in green, the ones who declined in red, and many others who didnt respond in blue. It might apear somthing similar to this. Ignore what's in the parenthesies:

If you ignore for 2 minutes, you atomaticly decline. Once you take, go in the waiting area. From the waiting room, you may set up alliances by means of a item simaller to the clan wars view orb. You send an admin buy School RuneScape Gold petition to the team leader. For instance, say Sal delivered me a ally request. He'd get this:

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