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The Nike Air Force 1 – a simple silhouette – has become one of the nike Cyber Monday Deals most in-demand and highly badged shoes since its debut in 1982. This iconic sneaker was one of the first to hit viral status thanks to its limited colorways in only a few locations. It emptied shelves so quickly that Nike chose to take it off the market and let it live a traditional sneaker lifecycle, but pure demand put it back on the shelves only a couple of years later.

A fun, playful twist on a classic design, the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow has a layered upper, repeated graphics and an exaggerated midsole. nike air force 1 shadow blue With 2 eyestays, 2 mudguards, 2 back tabs and 2 Swoosh designs, this shoe doubles down on the AF1 style. A foam midsole and grooved outsole ensure the shoe is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Featuring the same iconic shape as the original Air Force 1, a slightly exaggerated midsole makes the shoe instantly recognizable while also playing with proportions.

We know women are infinitely diverse. They want something unique, and they want to use sneakers as an expression of themselves and their wardrobes. They nike Black Friday 2020 also have deep respect and love for the icon, says Georgina James, Senior Creative Director, Nike Women’s Footwear. "Air Force 1 Shadow is a great example of how we channel desire and create new expressions through silhouette, shape and details, something unique but still familiar each season."

Nike Air Force for are all about fashion and lifestyle. The classic, old school style gives you Look for that look of laid-back cool. Sure, you can wear them for sports, but with the chunky sole and clean lines, they're made to be looked at. You can find hi-tops in the range to give you a stronger look and make a real fashion statement. All of the models in the range have the Nike Air technology to make them ultra comfortable.


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